Motor Controls

LCR specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of standard and custom electronic motor controls for various types of motors used in diverse applications. We design motor controls for customers serving both domestic and international markets.

Our motor control capability originates from our experience in EMC testing and EMI filter design for various products using motors and/or sophisticated electronic controls. Our engineers have experience in designing AC (single to three phase) and DC brush and brushless motor controls for commercial appliance, military, aerospace and rugged applications. We offer customized motor controls for such motors as:

  • Brushed -- DC and universal
  • AC induction -- PSC or Cap-run
  • Shaded pole
  • Brushless DC
  • Three-phase AC
  • Unique custom designs

Click here for more information on Triac and Phase Cut, Single Phase PWM Motor Controls or Multi-phase Motor Controls.

Our Motor Controls provide functions such as speed/torque control, product functions, efficiency optimization, safety enhancement and power quality enhancement, as well as management of interconnectivity, power and product functions. Our vast experience in EMC makes our motor control designs EMI friendly right from the initial design stage.

Once the motor control design is accomplished, we can test the end product along with our control and design an EMI/RFI Filter, if needed. We also can integrate the EMI filter into the motor control board to ensure EMI compliance to relevant regulations.

Our Motor Controls fulfill functions such as speed and torque control, user interface, safety enhancement, efficiency and power quality enhancement (for EnergyStar and EuP), as well as interconnectivity and product function management.

Our custom designs satisfy a broad range of requirements that provide you with a greener, more energy-efficient product, a competitive differentiation and improved profit margins:

  • Variety of voltage ranges: 115, 230, 115/230, 100-255
  • Isolated remote interfaces
  • Remote controls
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 70°C or -40°C to 85°C
  • Dusty or moist environment operation
  • Soft start capability
  • Over-current and over-temperature protection
  • Speed regulation (open-loop and closed-loop)
  • Meet industry standards: RoHS, EuP, UL, CSA, VDE

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