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EMI Filters - Power Line - General Purpose & Medical

LCR offers a broad range of standard off-the-shelf power entry filters and power entry modules (modules include the filter as well as a fuse, switch and/or outlet).

LCR's EMI & RFI power line filters protect sensitive electronic circuits in equipment from extraneous surges, spikes, ESD and interference in the environment. The EMI filters and RFI filters are used to bring electrical and electronic products into compliance with National (FCC) and International EMC standards, such as CE, VDE and more.

These EMI& RFI filters are available off-the-shelf from 1 A to 100 A. However, these designs can be easily modified to meet your specific high current needs up to 1,000 A. Please contact LCR for your specific requirements. 

Most frequently used EMI& RFI filters are UL, VDE and cUL approved. Others are currently undergoing the approval process. Typical applications for these filters include switching power supplies, motor controllers, PWM circuits, industrial cooking and baking equipment, industrial microwave ovens, induction heaters and other similar equipment.

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