EMC Testing

LCR is dedicated to providing economically viable EMI/RFI filters and EMC solutions to satisfy our customers' unique needs. To that end it has two fully equipped shielded chambers where EMC testing, EMI/RFI filter design and EMC solution development are accomplished.

LCR Shop - Product ImageLCR has experience with military (MIL-STD), aerospace (RTCA/DO160) as well as commercial (FCC, CISPR, EN, VDE, AUSTEL, SABS, etc) test standards. LCR has been helping its customers achieve compliance with European Union EMC requirements (CE) since their inception.

Testing…for Compliance and Solutions

LCR's approach to testing is very different and unique. We don't just conduct EMC testing for our customer's product — we also provide a practical and cost-effective EMC solution to bring the product into compliance with relevant standards or specifications. The EMI/RFI filter solutions are optimized specifically for the products and provide appropriate safety margins to ensure compliance.


Should there be an EMC non-compliance, LCR analyzes the test results with a view to understanding the modes of failure in order to design, develop and recommend the most practical and cost-effective solution.

The EMC solution can sometimes be as simple as changing the brush grade on a universal motor or re-routing the wire harness or a simple capacitor-resistor combination across the input. Or it can be a more sophisticated EMI/RFI filter or redesign of the PC board. We do whatever it takes to get the products to comply and insure that it makes sense from a cost and long-term manufacturability point of view. And we do it quickly and efficiently!!

So Much to Choose From

LCR Electronics has over 18,000 different EMI/RFI filter designs and in many circumstances, we can tailor these designs to meet the most demanding product requirements without the need for costly and time consuming efforts.


Not only are our EMC testing engineers highly trained and experienced in EMI/RFI filter design, but they also have the ability to quickly understand your product, its design and circuitry which enables them to identify potential EMI sources quickly.


Our numerous customers do repetitive business with us not just because they are happy and satisfied with our services but also because they feel that we are easy to do business with!!

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