PCB Assembly

LCR has over 15 years of experience in PCB assembly, originating from manufacturing PCB mounted EMI/RFI filters. We have expanded this capability to include motor controls, electronic controls and electronic contract manufacturing for build to print fully assembled PCBs.

Our comprehensive design and manufacturing process starts at LCR's Norristown, PA facility, with our experienced design and development team . Completed design documentation packages and samples are sent to our wholly owned China facility, which builds cost-effective, high volume PCB assemblies. The US and China facilities are both ISO 9001-2000 approved.

The China facility starts volumes production only after LCR design and customer first article approvals. After quality inspections at our China facility, parts are shipped to the Norristown facility, where they go through another round of incoming quality. The parts are then shipped to our customer. If required, LCR will keep parts in inventory at our Norristown facility and ship them to our customers as needed.

LCR's facility at Norristown, PA is the main contact point for all of our US customers. With this, we offer to our customers, the unique feature of cost effective products with the flexibility of dealing with a US company.

Some of LCR's electronic contract manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Coil, choke & inductor winding
  • PBC Design (artwork)
  • Component Sourcing
  • PCB Stuffing
  • Wave Soldering
  • Encapsulation
  • Conformal Coating
  • Can Fabrication
  • Motor Controls and Electronic Controls Assembly
  • Wire Harness Assembly and Integration
  • Through-hole and Surface Mount PCB Assembly
  • Vertically Integrated - Quick Delivery on Custom Jobs
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